The importance of technology

Whats the importance of technology?

The importance of technology facilitates Improved customer service in businesses. Customers form the most important part of every business. When customers are well served, it will mean more sales, more profits to the company and economic growth at large. Video cameras have been installed in almost all business making it possible to record everything that happens during transactions. This acts as evidence in case of complaints after the transactions. Sophisticated systems in businesses gather all information which will ease solutions to complaints as no one will deny what happened. Businesses too have websites where customers will post complaints, queries, and any necessary information during office or non-office hours, this makes communication between the customer and the company very easy. Companies too have created forums for live chat through text messages or social media networks. If there is no live chats there is always an email address where the customers can send their complaints or any type of message they want to pass. All these services of emails, systems and websites have been made possible by the availability of technology.

Increases savings. Today’s technology has made it possible for businesses lower costs while doubling profits. It is the dream of every firm to reduce costs. Today the buyer and seller make deals on phone or through emails. This means that one does not have to travel to complete a business transactions. Doing business online saves you transport and accommodation costs among many more. Video conferencing makes all these possible which is a product of technology. Technology too has brought the use of cameras to monitor customers in shopping centers, this saves the business owner the cost paying human supervisors on a monthly or the agreed basis.

Hiring and employment. Sometimes back, the process or hiring and employing people used to take a number of weeks or even a month, this however have been solved by technology. Companies are lately posting their job requirements on social media websites, these makes it possible for the customer to view them from their and apply if possible. Companies too have a device application which is send to any potential employees with internet access or own a smart phone, this saves them transport, meals, taxes and other fees.

Technology has helped a lot in warring countries. Technology has in a large way helped in making war machines. Inventions and great human imaginations have made battles more sophisticated. For example, RPG that is rocket propelled grenade is a weapon carried on shoulders other than heavy tanks. The weapon is highly damaging and preferred by many countries. Another technology weapon is the IED which are basically trap nets against the enemy.

Improvement in education. Technology has brought a great change in education in both lower and higher levels. With technology, students are in a position to put in practice what is learned in theory. This makes a way for many creative inventions. Students from college toady are greatly equipped compared to some generation before, this makes it possible for better results in school and even makes it easy for the students to grab a nice paying job after school because he or she has what it takes.